Jimmy Choo Kole Crystallized Suede & Mesh Sandals

We’ve previously done a post on sold out international designs being reproduced after a small time duration has elapsed, priced at a tenth of the original price, by pret-a-porter brands. Giuseppe Zanotti fish bone sandals were under discussion then, Jimmy Choo Kole crystallized suede and mesh sandals are under the microscope today. Not really, that’s just a turn of phrase. What’s real though is this replica pair of sandals by UK brand Carlton London. Have a look… Jimmy Choo Kole

Priced at 4000 odd Indian bucks, Laurene isn’t made in suede. It’s golden in color unlike the original Kole in beige, and has stark white stones against a gold backdrop.

Fakes and copies should be avoided at all costs. But when nobody even knows the original brand, let alone remembers the design, and the design is quite eye catching, with assured quality, why not?


 Jimmy Choo Kole – 92, 000/- Lyst


 Carlton London Laurene – 4190/- Carlton London

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