Mastering The Basic Black Pump

The barest of closets require a pair of shoes that can see one through occasions ranging from formal to casual, party to white tie events. The one essential requirement that is a must have accessory in any wardrobe is a pair of basic black pumps. No frills, no straps, slip on, pointed or almond toed, low heel or a high rise stiletto, no wardrobe is complete without a pair of black shoes with a decent heel.

A couple of years back we had to hunt high and low to lay our hands on a pair that would last more than a few outings. Most Indian brands do terribly on this front(speaking from experience) as the stilettos ended up broken in our hands rather than staying attached to the soles.

Thankfully, some international brands had made inroads in the Indian market, even if they didn’t have an online presence then. These heels could be relied on to see one through 9 to 5 comfortably, besides weathering a few outings on the cobbled and potholed streets of India(again speaking from experience).

So we decided to do a post about the options available to the consumers in India today. We came across a good many with affordable to decent price tags. Now we aren’t about the Louboutins here, which cost a bomb and can’t be used for everyday purposes. Having said that, if you would like a similar post on black pumps in luxury labels, leave a comment and we would gladly oblige. Let’s get started with some durable shoes that will give you good service for their price tags.

The prices for high heels are 5k to 2k in INR. Here are the ones we rounded  up.Black High Heel PumpsIf you aren’t comfortable wearing 5 inch heels everyday, you can choose the mid length heels from the options below.Black Mid Heel PumpsSince kitten heels are back in vogue, you may choose to go even lower without resorting to ballet flats. Here are the options for low heeled black pumpsBlack Low Heel PumpsIf you have experience with any other local brands not featured here, that have given you good value for money, please do leave a note in the comments for the benefit of our readers.

Given the dust and grime situation here, we recommend going with patent finish heels. Easier to maintain, no crinkles over time, and look classy always.

Note – All prices and links have been updated to reflect the prices as of Sunday 17th July, 2016. We’ve replaced the models sold out with different pumps altogether.

Featured Basic Black Pumps

High Heeled Black Pumps

  •  Charles & Keith Black Pumps – 3800/- Major Brands
  •  Nine West Black Pumps – 3250/- Major Brands
  •  Contrast High Heel Black Pumps – 1590/- Zara
  •  Charles & Keith Black Pumps – 3600/- Major Brands
  •  GUESS High Heel Black Pumps – 2599.50/- Major Brands

Mid Heel Black Pumps

  •  Nine West Mid Heel Pointed Black Pumps – 3250/- Major Brands
  •  Charles & Keith Mid Heel Black Pumps – 2600/- Major Brands
  •  Catwalk Classic Black Pump – 899/- Landmark Shops
  •  Charles & Keith Black Mid Heel Pumps – 3600/- Major Brands
  •  Black Leather Mid Heel Pumps – 2499.5/- Clarks
  •  Van Heusen Black Heels – 1197/- TrendIn   
  •  Dorothy Perkins Pointed Black Pumps – 1645/- Jabong

Low Heeled Black Pumps

  •  Charles & Keith Low Heeled Black Pumps – 3700/- Major Brands
  •  Charles & Keith Low Heel Black Pumps – 3800/- Major Brands
  •  Black Head Over Heels – 2099/- Intoto
  •  Stop Victoria Slip On Low Heel Pumps – 900/- Shoppers Stop
  •  Allen Solly Low Heeled Black Pumps – 1190/- TrendIn

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