Bird Motif Brooch Pins For Indian Aves Enthusiasts

Brooches are rarely included in the Indian wardrobe. Although we have a plethora of saree pins and pallu pins, those usually tend to be variations on the safety pin. So here’s a collection of lovely bird theme brooch pins, that may not hold together the saree pleats, but can hold up well as proper brooches.

Bird Motif Brooch Pins For Indian Aves Enthusiasts

You could also get a little more creative and use them as keychain charms, bun accessories, and more.

Featured Products

  •  Baoblae Crystal Rhinestone Tropical Parrot Brooch – 740/- Amazon
  •  Generic New Fashion Crystal Peacock Bird Brooch – 275/- Amazon
  •  Lady Rainbow Swallow Bird Orange Austrian Crystal Brooch – 1699/- Amazon
  •  Anuradha Arts Parrot Style Stone Studded Brooch – 1050/- Amazon
  •  The Cats Pajama Firebird Multigem Rose Gold Brooch – 699/- Amazon
  •  Phenovo Retro Crystal Rhinestone Rooster Bird Brooch – 275/- Amazon

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