The Dragon And The Wolf – A Roundup Of Local Game Of Thrones Merchandise

As we wait for the final instalment of the first half of season 7 of Game of Thrones, here’s a selection of ‘Dragon and Wolf’ themed jewelry that is locally available, light on the pockets, and isn’t official in any which way. Indeed, some of it isn’t even marketed as anything to do with the show, it’s just a random selection of dragon and wolf themed accessories that may or may not be related to the show.

Starting with the dragons. There are plenty of variations on the three headed dragon motif that’s the sigil of House Targaryen. We’ve chosen just one of the many to feature here. The rest of the collection includes a pair of dragon head rings, pendants, and an ear cuff.

The Dragon And The Wolf - Dragon Jewelry

If you are a staunch House Stark loyalist, you might want to give this vinyl laptop skin with wolf art a try. We’ve also rounded up a wolf choker, wolf cufflinks, pendant, and ring. We do know that the sigil of House Stark is the direwolf and not the regular wolf, the North remembers!

The Dragon And The Wolf - Wold Jewelry

There are also plenty of pendants bearing the words of other houses like the Lannisters, Tullys, Martells, etc but this post is dedicated to ‘The ‘Dragon and the Wolf’ without alluding to any spoilers.

Featured Products

  •   Sorellaz Alloy Metal Wolf Head Ring – 299/- Amazon
  •  Via Mazzini Stark Direwolf Pendant – 399/- Amazon
  •  SOLZ Silver Direwolf Cuff Links – 799/- Amazon
  •  Witty Wolf Choker – 1800/- World Art Community
  •  GrapeApe Wolf Art Game of Thrones Laptop Skin – 225/- Amazon 
  •  Cairo Dragon Oxidised Ear Cuff – 299/- Amazon
  •  Bling N Beads Dragon Pendant – 350/- Amazon
  •  Sorella’z Dragon Claws Ring – 384/- Amazon
  •  Yellow Chimes Three Headed Dragons Targaryen Pendant – 420/- Amazon
  •  Sarah Silver Dragon Finger Ring – 585/- Amazon
  •  Young & Forever Dragon Pendant – 499/- Amazon

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