Grey Embroidered Gown With Starburst Statement Earrings For Party Wear

Welcome to stating the obvious with Kieu again. Sheldon Cooper must be on the edge of his seat reading this regular post that describes contents of the picture below in the blandest of terms.

Here are the do’s and don’ts with this kind of style. Don’t wear it if you have fat deposits anywhere on your body. This silhouette only favours those who have washboard abs. If you are blessed with the right curves and would like to give it a try, wear heavy spanx underneath, triple duty spanx, like Beyonce. If you have a shimmery scarf in a deep jewel tone, use it as a wrap around to enhance the look. We couldn’t find any in the locally catering online stores, if you do, let us know.

Grey Embroidered Gown With Starburst Statement Earrings

Does anybody even read this text? To the three and a half people who actually do, welcome to the club. What an exclusive club it is! Membership can’t be bought with money or influence. No Sire! Read you must to belong! Yoda out!

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